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Posted by Jeff Kirchner on Jan 24, 2020 5:05:57 PM
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The only thing that stays the same is change.

With the advent of email, the usage of (the commerce changing) facsimile machine has diminished.

High Performance Alloys only fax number is (765)945-8294. We had an 8295 number at one point to support high volumes and reduce busy signals, but as of today, it no longer is in service. Please change any fax numbers you may have ending in 8295 to 8294.

Also, if you are still using our old fax number (765)675-8875, please use the above number instead.

If you are using our original phone number (765)675-8871, see phone numbers below that are more current.

Please update your records.

If you have trouble sending us a Fax, please call us at (800)472-5569 and ask to send the fax for free!
This is for U.S. callers only. You can also dial our normal line at (765)945-8230 and ask to send a fax there as well.

Introducing the new sales rotary account: send your email to sales@hpalloy.com and it will be routed to your salesperson or the next available person.

If you are not getting responses to your inquiries, please email the owners directly at kirchners@hpalloy.com. We appreciate your business - who else gives you direct access to the owners' email?

In other news, if you were a customer of Fry Steel, please tell your salesperson - to get our discounted packaging prices!

(side-note: we usually do not charge for packaging, unless it is special.
We believe that when you order something, it should be packaged to prevent damage in transit.)

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If for some reason, none of the above works - send me an invite or message on LinkedIn, or use the customer service form.

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