UPDATE: NACE Corrosion 2020 Postponed in Houston

Posted by Jeff Kirchner on Mar 9, 2020 12:16:49 PM
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Postponed from March 15 - 19 to June 14-18


NACE 2020 Postponement

[ Hopefully the change in dates doesn't impact your ability to attend. ]

If you are attending, stop by our booth (BOOTH 435) for a sanitizer bottle!

(limited quantities available)

If you are feverish, please stay home.

Other goodies will be available as well, such as pens and materials literature.

Our updated brochure will be available from the booth, or if you use the bookstore!

Remember - we will elbow bump, fist bump or handshake (but our hands may be wet from hygiene.) We won't be sending anyone that is feverish or sniffling to meet clients and prospects. 

Leading producer and distributor for small to medium quantities of High Temperature, Wear, and Corrosion resistant alloys. HPAlloys offers a wide range of product forms in Super Stainless, Nickel and Cobalt-based alloys. We offer assistance in solving Wear, Corrosion and High Temperature problems.

Call TODAY: (800)472-5569, or visit our website : https://www.hpalloy.com

Have a little more space to fill, so PLEASE let us know if you will be attending.

We value the opportunity to meet face to face whenever possible.

There are usually free passes available to the Exposition or display area, if you will be in town. Just ask your salesperson for more information, or drop a line to me in marketing to get a pass.

On another note, check out our other websites:


Waterjet cutting services on not only our material, but you can send us material and drawings to cut from.


Hi Definition plasma cutting services on not only our material, but you can send us material and drawings to cut from.


Forging from ingot, billet and bar to bar, but you can send us your material and forge it in the USA. We also offer straightening, and grinding.

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