TOP 10 TIPS  to  Make Good Metals Purchases

Posted by Jeff Kirchner on Nov 21, 2017 9:57:00 AM
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This is a guide to help to buyers  always get the the best price on metals.  Most metals buyers employ one of these tips, but many of these can be used in the process of buying - all at the same time.

10 tips on good metals buying

10.)  Buy in bulk - our materials do not have an expiration date. Standards may be updated over the course of several years, but we will work to update certifications upon request.

9.)    Look for the quantity break. Normally our salespeople will try to move you to the next bracket automatically.

8.)  Buy often. If you bought something recently, the salesperson has some leeway to move a bracket - just because you are such a good customer.

7.)  Always know what the commodity markets are doing, for superalloys we watch tungsten, molybdenum, iron, nickel and cobalt. Watching trends can pay off in the long term.

6.)  Give pricing feedback. We can’t address a pricing issue if we do not know your goal. While your target price may not be attainable, there may be another way to supply the material getting closer to the unit price you need. For example, instead of buying cut pieces - consider cutting in house.

 5.)    When buying plate, be aware that we can perform close tolerance cutting on our waterjet. While it may need machined in some areas, we have the ability to cut with different tolerances through the entire part. Some areas can be tight for location purposes and others looser to allow for machining. When cutting on a waterjet, it is all about the time on the machine. Closer tolerance work requires more time.

4.)  See what else is offered. We carry many items, so we just might have a good price on the weld wire, fasteners, or the flanges you need.

3.)    Order just the specification that you need. While it is great to be able to order a product with thirteen different specifications for the same alloy, it can run up testing and compliance costs when purchased in less than mill quantity.

2.)   Trucks have a very high minimum and it takes some good weight to overcome the initial pricing. Make sure the shipping method is appropriate for the item. Anything longer than 100” is going to be expensive to haul around. FedEx, DHL and UPS have a great way to transport items that are not that long.

1.)    If you are buying a small quantity, make sure you ask for the maximum for the minimum. Our salespeople are supposed to give this to you automatically - but it only takes a second to make sure that you have enough to cover the job, and it helps spread out the minimum charges of material and shipping over a greater amount of product.


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