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Posted by Jeff Kirchner on Dec 4, 2020 3:48:50 PM
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Plate products have always been available at High Performance Alloys. Since 1984 we have offered hot rolled plate for Aerospace, Defense, Marine, and Chemical Processing.

Since that time, we also began offering cold rolled plate. Cold rolled plate can exhibit better mechanical properties, including finer grain, higher Tensile and Yield strengths as well as a better elongation.

Hot Rolled plate does a fine job of refining grain, but that grain can be further refined after hot rolling to impart more work.

In 2012 we added a multi axis FLOW waterjet to supply much better edge quality. This venture was so successful that we added another waterjet to keep up with the demand in better edge quality.

We replaced our old plasma cutter in 2019 with a High Definition Plasma unit. Edge quality on our plasma cuts has never been better. Perpendicular edges, with low dross means only  minimal amount of clean up is needed for best performance.

HD or "Hi-Def" plasma is excellent for the thicker items that tend to bog waterjets down timewise.

You can see the two divisions created for those processes here:


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