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Posted by Jeff Kirchner on Sep 13, 2018 12:29:36 PM
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After 34 years, we changed our minimum order from $75 to $100.

It was overdue. Consistent increases in costs incurred of cutting, packaging, material certificate storage and retrieval, packing list and invoices (generating a record of all these details) has risen over the years.

These are the things you can measure, because the results are there. Document storage of 7 years unless requested/advised longer has become standard. We implemented a receiving PMI inspection process, as well as offering PMI as a service on shipments.

One thing that has not changed is offering the customer the maximum for the minimum. This was originally a buying technique we would use, but we have been offering this capability to customers since the 1990s. For almost 30 years we have informed buyers that they could take two pieces or receive more material for the minimum order. This delights many people, and helps to maximise the processing for us as well.

Sometimes this "Max for Min" allows machine shops to have additional material to set up or to have a little extra material to work with. If they are careful, they may be able to run an extra part or two as well.

Our minimum order offer includes cutting, packaging, documentation (mill material test certificates) and a packing slip that ties your order to the certificate.

We like No surprises.

JSF F-35 Lightning II

And our customers like No surprises.

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