Hydmech CSNS-175 Carbide Cold Saw now installed

Posted by Jeff Kirchner on Feb 3, 2022 12:47:50 PM
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Designed for operator safety, this machine is completely enclosed and features safety door interlocks which if a door opens during operation, the machine will shut off.

Achieve consistent results with this carbide sawing machine that features a high level of productivity, length accuracy, and clean, burr free cuts.

Featuring a 2” to 6.9” round capacity at 90°, a 40 HP motor, and a 22” diameter blade, the CSNC-175 is a versatile high-speed cutting machine.

Mist exhaust collector.
No smoke generated with flooded coolant
Tolerances of repeat cutting +.050/-0.0”
Cuts off end and sorts the cupped end into recycle bin.
Bar retracts automatically for contact free return stroke of the saw blade
Auto-Bar Loader with inclined storage width of 55”

This model has demonstrated cutting at least 8 times faster than our bandsaws - on most of our materials. It is limited by the impact resistance of the carbides on the blade, meaning it should not cut items harder than Rc 35 without detrimental effects on the blade.

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