HPAlloys new mantra: "Our materials are 'Out of this world' "

Posted by Jeff Kirchner on Jun 27, 2022 4:26:31 PM
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"Our materials are 'Out of this world' " will be our mantra going forward, as we have supplied to NASA, JPL, and many other space related entities the materials that make it all possible that we have been told not to mention by name.

Our employees take pride in their work when they know what new project is being handled. They want to know more, and if we can talk about it - let your salesperson know. We understand that there are times when we need to work in a black box,  and we can respect that when necessary.

From fuel nozzle materials for heavy launch rockets, wheel materials for the Mars Rovers, and the ability to dock with the International Space Station - including the current vehicles performing shuttle duties after the retirement of the shuttle program.

Obviously we were excited to work with NASA/Boeing on a project for the space station in the 1990s. While the contractors change, the ability to perform this work was won on the basis of being a small business and a set of properties that were never offered for use in space previously.

The work with Boeing/NASA later involved the same engineers while at Lockheed Martin in 2004, who at the time needed something similar to use in their new defense jet program, the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) for the F-35 multi-role stealth jet.

We hear it all the time, "How is this small family company - in the middle of Indiana - so successful in getting these high tech contracts?" It is the 'can do' attitude that the company enjoys from our employees and their varying backgrounds.

It doesn't hurt to stock primarily American Made materials either. We have re-shored one alloy from Japan successfully, and would be interested in doing the same for other companies.

If there is a will, there is a way!

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