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Posted by Jeff Kirchner on Apr 7, 2020 4:16:40 PM
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Faith, untested, is only a statement.
Believe that everything will return to normal, eventually.

HPAlloy is still operating. We have approval from our state to allow employees to travel to work. We do not foresee having to close operations and currently have plenty of work.
In our 36 years of existence, we have not had the need to furlough or lay off employees. 
In our support of Federal Operations, we have been spared closing. Being classified as an essential business, we have contracts that we must support.
See the Under Secretary of Defense Memo.
Per our contracts, any work identified with a Defense rating will take precedence over a normal order. If you are ordering without advising a priority rating, you may be missing out.
The greatest and unreplaceable asset to our company is our highly trained and skilled employees. We have policies and procedures in place to protect our employees at work. These include:

  • Face masks if the employee desires.
  • Additional hand sanitizer opportunities.
  • Temperature checks at arrival and after lunch.
  • Any indication of a flu and the employee is sent home.
  • We have provided an additional 5 sick days this year to help prevent people from coming in sick.
  • We are working from home wherever possible.
  • Cleaning every two hours - every work surface.

There are three salespeople that work from home, so our toll free number is available from 8am EST to 8pm PST for people in the USA. That number is 800-472-5569 or spell it out 800 HPALLOY. The regular number works as well for everyone else, that number is
+1 (765)945-8230. (If you know your salesperson's extension, adding it to the end will route you directly to them or their voicemail if busy/unavailable.)
We have put in place a plan for an event where gasoline may become scarce, or if a travel ban is placed upon our county; by pre-arranging for sleeping quarters to shelter at the plants for essential employees.
Production remains at 2 shifts for processing orders from inventory. While this has caused some issues of duplicity or corrections not catching up with original order, please keep in mind that your change impacts people working multiple shifts.
As always, expedited shipment items always get our priority over a ground or truck shipment. UPS has indicated whey will continue to pick up.
Now that you are informed of our preparedness, please consider ordering well ahead of time to ensure that we can fulfill any needs you may have again in the coming months.
We do expect our delivery time to be expanded, at least somewhat. If your need is extraordinary, please let us know as soon as possible. There are two factors to keep in mind; what we can accomplish in a day and what you can machine/fabricate in a day.

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