HD Plasma coming to High Performance Alloys

Posted by Jeff Kirchner on Aug 14, 2018 9:47:38 AM
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HD is High Definition, allowing laser like quality without the additional lead time.

Dross (or slag on the bottom of the cut) is minimized, requiring less clean up for further processing.

HAZ (Heat affected zone) is minimised, as the cut is very fast compared to traditional plasma cutting.

Unit will arrive in October 2018.PRAXAIR-PRS400

General Features of the Praxair PRS 400 HD Cutting Machine

Table size: 10 foot x 21 foot

Hypertherm HPR 800 XD Upgrade

Thickness range: 0.019 - 3" thick

Contour speeds from 1 ipm to 300 ipm

Traverse speeds 500 ipm to 1000 ipm

Plasma contour bevel station 
5 Axis torch tilting 
Continuous variable angle to 45º ( +/-)

Zoned DownDraft Table

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