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Posted by Jeff Kirchner on Mar 3, 2022 12:20:24 PM
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We all want rewards, perks and recognition for our loyalty these days. Discounts are one way to show customers that they matter and have status.

I'm writing this to tell you how to flex that status.

One of the things that I do not see enough of these days is called combining. You hear it on the television and radio all the time these days, maybe they are just obsessed with "bundling". It works with many types of business; this is how distributors typically get their discounts from mills.

It is definitely still a sales tool. We don't want to bundle your car and house, but the object is to give you our best price on all the items you require. It is a small thing, but we do want you to be happy.

Say you are needing 2" Diameter bar, as well as a smaller dimeter bar - in the same Alloy. Combining or bundling would take the weight of the larger item and apply it to the bracket for the smaller diameter. After all, by combining the two or more items you can save shipping, but in our warehouse that means that the two items can typically be taken from the same rack (being the same alloy).

Combining comes from working the 'quantity extras', probably a really old term by now - as it originated from paper pricing books. Basically, quantity extras are not how they sound, it is more of a qualifier. Say a customer has bought over $10,000 annually - that is a qualifier for a discount.

When items are combined, the quote normally would indicate 'Items combined" and it justifies the discount provided when compared to similar quotes to other companies who may not qualify. This also tells the salesperson that the items are not to be separated - at the same price. Normally it is the small item that receives the most benefit, but it can work with two or more similarly weighing items of the same alloy.

It is also important to note that a payment received within 10 days also can earn you a discount, but we reserve that for cash, check, and EFT or SWIFT.

Some discounts are only because you are on the mailing list, subscribed to a blog or you belong to a market segment that is becoming active after a long period of inactivity.

This is just one of the things that can help you get discounts without having to twist a salespersons arm.
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