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Posted by Jeff Kirchner on Nov 16, 2016 4:55:00 PM
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Create an item in the eStore


  • Custom cutting to size 
  • Low order minimum quantity 
  • Instant inventory check 
  • Quantity discounts 
  • Available 24/7 

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The store makes creating a quote easy. Here are the steps in creating your item. 

Select the Alloy that you are interested in either through an Alloy page specific to that grade in the store, [see links below in Available Alloys] or from a central page where any Alloy we carry can be selected.

Just make sure you are signed in and authorized (approved) for the item creation to appear.

  1. Select Alloy and then the form
    Build the item using a top down approach. First select Alloy type from drop down, then the product form offered that you need. 
  2. Select proper condition if different than default.
    If the item is available in different conditions/tempers you can select an alternate strength. 
  3. Enter thickness and dimension
    Enter the thickness of the item you want in decimal format. Then enter the length and or width according to the item need (we cut all the time, so if you need something exact - just enter it here). 
  4. Select whether the length is exact or random
    Cut and random length options allow flexibility on the overall tolerance of the length needed. Enter the quantity required. 
  5. Enter comments on tolerances or specifications needed
    Comments cannot be automatically reviewed or priced, so if you have a tolerance or specification you can list it there - but it doesn't mean that we will accept the order when submitted. If it is out of the ordinary, it is probably best to submit as a custom quote to salesperson. 
  6. Select Get Price
    With all that information entered, you are ready to get your price. Press the 'Get Price' button to calculate price and check stock. 
  7. Change Values
    If the store cannot process a quotation for you, it provides you the opportunity to let a salesperson review it (use the email button) and quote the item. You do not have to re-renter anything. The salesperson will contact you if there are questions or concerns. If our sales is available, you can use the WebChat feature to message with them live. 
  8. Add to Cart
    When the store is successful checking the stock available to ensure that we can fill your requirement, it will list the Unit Price and Total Price. At this point, you may add the item to your cart. 
  9. Go to Cart
    Once the quote is complete, you can order the item, going to the cart screen. 
  10. Proceed to Checkout
    Your terms will be shown, as well as the billing and shipping information on file for your account. 
If you need more help - just ask, More help information here.

Available Alloys

Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, Nitronic, Nickel and Cobalt Alloys

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