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Posted by Jeff Kirchner on Oct 11, 2016 8:09:00 AM
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Customer service is important. We know, we have to buy products too. We have all experienced bad customer service and we know it is to be avoided. At High Performance Alloys, the service comes before the sale, with the sale and after the sale. We are extremely proud of our customer service. Here are some of the reviews we have received from customers:

"HPA has always been a trusted supplier for our Nitronic stainless steel needs. Quotations are always prompt and clear as to what is being offered if a substitution is being made. That said, HPAlloys is a pleasure to work with."

"I appreciate the ability to easily order small quantities of hard-to-find materials. I also appreciate being able to specify my desires regarding composition and mechanical properties and mostly get exactly what I need."

"Many times the order goes to the company that responds quickest. HP Alloys quotes are always quick. You don't have to nag them to get your quotes. "

"I do like that I go to the same sales rep. for each order not just another operator in the system."

"One area of concern in general with metal suppliers is the quality of packaging / protection during delivery. Your pieces arrive to our shop without marring, packaging intact and ready to machine. We are able to order closer to final dimensions when this is done which saves us time and money."

"High Performance always help us find the materials we need with the quickest turn around possible. We normally don't have a lot of time to too work with and they always seem to help us get the job done."

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