Deep Well Drilling

Posted by Jeff Kirchner on Jun 7, 2015 2:39:00 PM
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Deep Well Drilling: the Deeper They Go, the More They Need Us

With the hydraulic fracturing boom currently underway in places as various as North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, North Dakota, and Alberta, there comes a corresponding requirement for drilling technology that can sustain the output. Since “fracking” usually involves drilling deeper than most land-based oil extraction operations have previously gone, companies are realizing they need to forego the low-grade fabrication materials by which they’ve previously constructed their drill-bits and such. The deeper a well gets drilled, the greater the temperature unleashed. It’s only nature taking its course, since the deeper portions of Earth’s crust contain larger concentrations of sulfur and chlorides.

That’s why drilling companies looking to do business in the Marcellus Shale Deposit, or in the several trillion-barrel Bakken Deposit itself, are coming knocking at our dooryard. With our easy ability to provide large quantities of both raw and forged corrosion and heat-resistant alloys, alloys such as nickel-chrome moly Hastelloy   C-276 or Inconel   625, drilling clients know full well what level of dependability they’re getting for their money. Furthermore, we’ve been supplying super stainless alloys like nitronic 50 and nitronic 60 in capacities such that our customers seem very satisfied. The hydraulic fracturing renaissance has added jobs for America, raised standards of living in destitute counties, and drastically lowered our dependence on the vicissitudes of foreign oil. We hope to continue playing a valuable role in this much-needed segment of America’s “new” economy.


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