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Posted by Jeff Kirchner on Nov 5, 2014 1:29:00 PM
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   We like to do things a little different than other companies (hopefully you have noticed and are a fan). 30 years ago, we were founded on being able to supply materials quickly - without having huge minimum purchase requirements. We catered to job shops and repair shops to keep them and their customers happy through the years. If you only needed a piece 1.2" long, we would gladly quote it and take care of that need. Back in the day, our stock order minimum was only $50. With inflation and QC what it is, we have had to raise it to $75 though the years.

   We pioneered the term "maximum for the minimum", which means we would give you the most material we could without having to surpass the minimum order. This is about value for you - the customer. Our competitors use that term too, but its maximum price for the minimum material....

   Now we offer dynamic pricing. Haven't we always been dynamic? Well yes, but this is online, after hours and on weekends. We are putting our new storefront together to allow you to specify the length and width you want the material to be supplied. Even the size or thickness is dynamic. We have mic'ing records of the materials we stock, so if you need a bar that measures 1.005" Dia - we can check stock items to see if it measures that or slightly greater. Then you may need a special cut length (or lengths) that are 2.345" long.  We also carry plate and sheet, and those sizes are dynamic as well.

   The store will check if the sales computer can offer that and come back with a price. If it can't price the item right away, you have the option to leave it as an RFQ to a real salesperson - they will take a look at it and put the price and weight on the item. You will get a message that the RFQ is finished, and there is your quote. Once you are ready, you can pick that item up and proceed through the checkout of the store.

   Our cutting and packaging is very reasonable too - its all in there. We mean for the material to arrive at your shop in the same condition we sent it. No surprises. We do not like surprises in our business any more than you do, and we hope that you remember us for that.

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