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Posted by Jeff Kirchner on Aug 22, 2014 9:00:00 AM
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High Performance Alloys was chosen to participate in the National Geographic’s television series “Showdown of the Unbeatables.” The Tipton, Ind. based company was more than happy to participate and highlight the strength of their metals.

 According to the National Geographic’s website, Showdown of the Unbeatables has the “very best American companies do battle with their prize products.”   High Performance Alloys faced off against California-based company, Republic Lagun in the  fifth episode of the series. Republic Lagun brought their expertise in machining to the table while High Performance Alloys supplied the super durable alloys.   The alloys High Performance supplied were hardened and aged Cobalt 6B and a nickel-based alloy, Inconel 718. These alloys faced off against the VGC 4428 industrial super drill supplied by Republic Lagun.

The Unbeatables’ film crew spent a day filming various activities at the Tipton based plant. They also conducted several interviews with business owner David Kirchner, and the founder Russ Kirchner.   Interestingly, High Performance Alloys lifted one of the company’s 11,000lb forklifts using chains and their .312 diameter super stainless steel. The steel lifted it with ease.
After shooting in Tipton, the Kirchners were off to California for the faceoff. The show features two hosts, one for each group. The Kirchners met with their host, Zane Lamprey, and set out to put their alloy to the test.   Republic Lagun was given three minutes to drill through the metals. They were able to push through the Inconel 718, but were not able to get through the Cobalt 6B in time. High Performance Alloys was crowned the winner.
High Performance Alloys is proud to show off the strength of their metals against a tough test in Republic Lagun. Beyond that, they were able to showcase the potential of their metals and just how strong they really are.
written by Kaegan Stogsdill

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