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Posted by Jeff Kirchner on Aug 20, 2014 2:55:00 PM
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Despite larger projects, High Performance Alloys enjoys helping in the surrounding community on smaller, more intimate projects. Ten years ago, High Performance Alloys played a role in the creation of a new tabernacle for the St. Patrick Catholic Church of Kokomo.
The tabernacle is where the Eucharist is reserved, or stored until Mass each day. Typically the center point of the church, it was important to High Performance Alloys to create a tabernacle that was both functional, but visually appealing.
At the time, Father Ted Dudzinski decided it was time for a new tabernacle so he contacted former High Performance Alloys owner Russ Kirchner along with two other people to design it. Kirchner was happy to take on the small scale project to help the church and the parish.
The tabernacle features two entrances, a gold plated door, and a cloth lined interior. High Performance Alloys’ product, Nitronic 50, was used to on outside arch on the front of the tabernacle. Kirchner believes it might be the only tabernacle in the world that features Nitronic 50. Meanwhile, Dudzinski was very pleased with the outcome.
Dudzinski said, “The product was of exceptional quality and finish.”
He was also pleased with how much attention Kirchner and his partners showed in the product. They came on site prepared and took a genuine interest in the project.
Dudzinski said, “It was very evident that they desired to understand the significance of the project for the parish and to deliver the finest quality service and product.”
For Kirchner, a Roman Catholic himself, it was important to get it right and make something the parish could be proud of. Dudzinski says the parish was very pleased and visitors comment on the superb quality of the work.  
For High Performance Alloys, despite their larger projects, it’s nice to be able to work locally and support causes that are close to home. 
written by  Kaegan Stogsdill

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