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Posted by Jeff Kirchner on Oct 8, 2012 4:00:00 PM
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We received some interesting feedback from our surveys this last year. I am happy to announce that the results are very positive. Here are the outcomes as tallied: Quotes 85% positive with 7% negative and Orders were 92% positive with 4% negative. There were some neutral survey points that neither help nor hurt. More order surveys were completed than Quotes surveys. Yes, ideally, we would love to be at 110% on both of these surveys - but overall our QA seems happy with the metrics. We had about as many neutral as negative with an overwhelming positive outlook on High Performance Alloys.

Things identified that we need to work on: Timeliness of quotes - we had 10% of respondents disappointed with how quick their quote was provided. We do try to take care of our customers needs; it does take time to hunt down the impossible and Unobtanium is very scarce these days. Another common theme was including freight estimates into quotations.  We normally do not provide a freight quote if we do not know how fast the customer needs the material. (We normally pick the economic route, and its needed quicker.) We are still able to provide same day shipping (a feat we feared was near impossible with the change to ISO 9001 documentation years ago).

The good news is that there is a solution coming that will help both of these issues - a new commerce platform is in the final stages of completion! Not only will it help to alleviate some pressure on sales staff, it will be available 24/7 - and it can estimate freight and parcel shipment costs.

We must note that the data has been culled for outlying data. At times conflicting information, such as being "Very Unsatisfied" across the board - while at the same time (the same survey customer), they also indicated that we are "Low Cost, Great Service, Fair and Trusted".  Someone apparently is misinformed about what "Very Unsatisfied" means. I guess we all take our lumps at times, but we believe that it was mistakenly filled out. Overall, it has been a great survey with lots of positive information flowing. Follow ups will be made and a few changes will be reviewed.

2012 Quote survey quotes from clients:

"All quotes are handled quickly and appreciate the extra effort.  People are always helpful.    Thanks."

"HPA has always been a trusted supplier for our NITRONIC stainless steel needs."

"I have always received excellent service when I have called for pricing.  Will continue to do business with HPA.  Thank you."

"Speedy Quote system"

"Quotations are always prompt and clear as to what is being offered if a substitution is being made.  That said, HPAlloys is a pleasure to work with."

Chad got back to me quickly and was able to quote all of the items I asked for.  Thanks! 

2012 Order survey quotes from customers:

"We generally need only small quantities - it's great that HPA is accommodating to our needs. I like how we can get smaller cut-off pieces, at a highly competitive price."

"Glenda is great... "

"Everyone is very helpful. You also do a lot of business with us so it is a win win for both companies. Great people."

"I had a good experience dealing with your company, Steve was very helpful. I have only ordered once this year but the price and lead time was good. I plan to continue using your company in the future."


"Jerry Pyle is great to deal with and takes care of our needs."

"Very happy with HPA just wish I had more business to give you." 

"I've been dealing with HPA and Scott for almost 15 years now. He is always there if I should have a question and is one of the most reliable when it comes to getting price quotes back quickly."

If you have not had a chance to fill out a survey, please let us hear your voice!

Please take a few minutes and complete this order survey if you placed an order. It is only 6 question, so it won’t take very long!

If you only tried to get a quote from us, please use the quote survey, which is also brief. Again it is only 6 questions (plus the profile) so it won’t take very long either.

As you can see, we are reading them - and we are taking them to heart!

Jeff Kirchner

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