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Posted by Jeff Kirchner on Oct 7, 2012 9:45:00 AM
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HP Alloy Rolls with the Times, and Lifts the Local Economy
No-one can make the convincing argument that the American economy is safely out of the doldrums. To the contrary, both America and the world economy at large continue to falter and teeter, two steps forward then one step back. With the ongoing financial crises in Greece, Spain, and now possibly Italy, there’s serious talk in both Right and Left circles that the current economic instability in Europe could possibly generate “aftershock” setbacks for economies worldwide, from the United States and Canada to China and India. Looking back to the economically gloomy years of 2008-2010, that’s a peril we all can do well to avoid. And while different visions abound on Capitol Hill as far as how to go about advancing job creation, we at HP Alloy aren’t about to wait on a pack of politicians in Washington to arrive at a sensible solution. When it comes to job creation, we’re doing it ourselves right here in Indiana, and we’re doing just fine at it, thanks.
In addition to our existing operating space, we have broken significant ground on a whole new set of facilities. By an as yet to be announced date, we can safely say that our total company space will encompass 75,000 square feet. Obviously, this significant upgrading of our capabilities provides hard-hat jobs for local Indiana construction workers who might otherwise be clicking the Internet in search of a job. Not only that bit of good news, but a steady rise in our quotes and orders has led us to identify 8 new hires to our company. New jobs added to the payroll include a mechanical technician, an engineer, an electrical technician, and several new programmers and computer specialists.
While the ultimate goal will be to consolidate our two facilities (the old one and the new one) into one larger “behemoth,” the overall feeling at HP Alloy is that the wind is in our favor, our own business contracts are on the up and up, and that we have a broadening need for additional labor to help us out, both specialized and unspecialized. Whether the American economy soars or tumbles in subsequent years; we have established a firm, bedrock clientele for our company to continue to serve, and have also begun to expand successfully into other sectors of the economy we hadn’t previously had the privilege to serve. It’s a win-win for HP Alloy, and a win-win for America: that’s just plain truth. No economic plan need apply at our company.

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