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Posted by Jeff Kirchner on Aug 11, 2012 9:48:00 AM
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Another addition to our services offered is the PMI of your material. Peace of mind in knowing the material you are buying is actually what you are buying. A recent article about a Naval supplier mis-identifying materials prompted the discussion internally about what procedures and services we can offer to remedy a situation like this.

The equipment will be utilized as a screening of incoming materials. Customers can also request a PMI, which is a Positive Material Identification, of their shipment. This will ensure that our internal material traceability is verified. A report of the check with the composition as read by the Niton will accompany the shipment.

In addition to PMI, the unit can be utilized to identify materials used in service as well as reverse engineering an old part. Half the battle of material recommendations is knowing where the current materials shortcomings can be found. From there you can usually determine materials more suitable or capable of an environment.

Download a PDF about the PMI service we offer.


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