NITRONIC® 50 Alloy for Deepwater Drilling

Posted by Jeff Kirchner on May 15, 2012 12:00:00 PM
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This February, the United States and Mexico finalized a long-discussed agreement that would allow for deepwater drilling in 1.5 million prime acres of untapped oil reserves in the Gulf of Mexico. With the Middle East in political tatters, and with the potential for a catastrophic loss of oil shipments from that strategically vital region, the need for affordable domestic oil drilling operations is more apparent than ever. Along with the ongoing fracking boom in North Dakota and Alberta, the Gulf of Mexico is one of the most ready solutions to this looming crisis. It is vital to have the quality means available for the long-term extraction of the Gulf of Mexico’s petroleum riches.

At High Performance Alloys, we know all about the risks and rigors of deep-sea drilling. The GPS-guided drills used to extract our offshore oil wealth are the most advanced machines ever built for deepwater extraction, equipped with sensors and visual equipment that provide live feedback during the course of a particular drilling operation. But the extraction process is nevertheless painstaking, and can wear down modern drilling equipment quickly if it has been built from the wrong materials.

That’s where our NITRONIC® 50 alloy comes into play. Not only in its annealed conditioned, but also in high-strength variations that can double or quadruple the yield strength. Our NITRONIC® 50 is not only  wear and corrosion-resistant, but has a low magnetic permeability due to their austenitic composition. The highly sensitive monitors and live feedback displays used in deepwater and directional drilling are susceptible to magnetic interference from their composite materials, but the use of NITRONIC® 50 reduces that concern. No need to further complicate things in extracting one of our most precious natural resources. With NITRONIC® 50, all that’s left to do is the hard work.

Read the Material Datasheet on NITRONIC 50 for more informaiton.


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