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Posted by Jeff Kirchner on Apr 2, 2012 11:30:00 AM
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High Performance Alloys (HPA) of Tipton, IN got off to a quick start in 1984, when we realized there was a niche need for super alloys that was waiting to be filled by an enterprising company. We started out by providing companies with small quantities of the materials we supplied. We reasoned that many companies didn’t want to pay for a 12’ bar of, for example, INCONEL®, when all they required in fact was 6 to 8 inches of the material. To that end, we established a very low minimum order price-range for our inventory. Indeed, few companies today can claim to have begun with a minimum order of merely $50. All the same, our reasoning behind this low number was sound: we anticipated that many of the companies utilizing super alloys would soon be growing into larger companies, given the sorts of high-tech applications they were building. In our industry, a small business oftentimes means an ambitiously growing business, and it was our firm intention to grow alongside our clientele.

27 years further down the road, and we still maintain a very low minimum order. For $100, you can get a certain amount of our materials delivered to you in a hurry. Coming from a company that (by this point) has supplied NITRONIC ® 60 for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, as well as the Mars Rover, this is quite a fine offer. It’s all part of our commitment to supporting small business pioneers, allowing them the quality materials they need to develop their products, forging long-term friendships and alliances in the process.

By the way, when we say that we will deliver you material in a “hurry,” we do truly mean it. Another one of our company’s founding guidelines was that of same-day shipment. If you ordered a quantity of material that we currently had in stock, we would ship it to you that same day. That original maxim remains rock-rooted in place. Whether you are looking to build the next path-breaking fighter, bomber, or spacecraft, or whether you are seeking material for oil drilling operations and the like, HPA is ready to serve as your wingman all the way.

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