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Posted by Jeff Kirchner on Oct 5, 2009 10:35:00 PM
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While some austenitic stainless steels require cold working to achieve higher yield strengths, such as 304 and 316 condition B (Cond. B) - NITRONIC grades have great strength in the annealed condition. NITRONIC 60 and 50 have around 50 to 60 KSI yield strength - about twice that of annealed 304 & 316 SS.

While 304 and 316 are subject to transforming Austenite into Ferrite through cold working, NITRONIC 60 and 50 remain Austenitic. What this means is that through cold working, 304 and 316 can transform from non-magnetic or slightly magnetic, to slightly to moderately magnetic. Many applications this is not a hindrance, but there are applications where the magnetism can present problems.

Important to note - Austenitic grades are known for their crystalline structure, which is face centered cubic (FCC). FCC structures are a close pack grouping of elements, which is favored for corrosion resistance. Martensitic and Ferritic grades are known to contain body centered cubic (BCC) structures. BCC structures are most notably used for their strength, but generally will lack the corrosion resistance offered by a FCC structure.

While we offer to produce larger sizes of Condition B 304 and 316 (generally over 1.5" Dia), as well as strain hardened level 2 strengths - our primary concentration is supplying NITRONIC 60 & 50. We supply these grades in strengths Level 1 through Level 5, insizes from small rod to as large as 4" Diameter. Usage varies from drill collars to bushings and fasteners. Shafts, spindles and solid rod rigging. Small and large quantities are welcome - we may already have the size you need.

For more information on NITRONIC 60, see our overview on N60, or see the hisgh strength properties on the N60HS page.

For more information on NITRONIC 50, see our overview on N50, or see the hisgh strength properties on the N50HS page.


More information can be found in our  LDHS post about these items.

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